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Carroll County Flea

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 Carroll County Flea
 3101 Baltimore Blvd
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 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Carroll County Flea Market: 3101 Baltimore Blvd right off of Route 140 near route 91. The market is EVERY Saturday and Sunday from 7am- 4pm. 

A great and fun community Flea Market with amazing drive through traffic!!
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Posted Comments

Name: mary davidson
Subject: Flea Market
can i reserve a spot to sell some of my things? P: 410-239-2013
Name: chris gorski
Subject: flea market
Is the flea market still running? How do you get info on buying a spot?
Name: gail
Subject: flea market
Is there a contact to reserve a spot for flea markets. When are they being held and are they doing a good amount of business Thanks
Name: Jo
Their website says this Flea Market is CLOSED

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