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Great Frederick MD Flea, The RE-FLEA

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 Great Frederick MD Flea, The RE-FLEA
 Frederick Fairgrounds 797 East Patrick Street
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The Great Frederick MD Flea, aka "The RE-FLEA" is a new twist on the traditional flea market. It's held monthly (almost) at the Frederick Fairgrounds in Building 13 and in Lots Q and R, adjacent to the building, in June, July, August, and October.

DATES: 5/5, 6/9,7/7,8/4,SEPT IS FREDERICK FAIR, NO FLEA, 10/4, NONE IN NOV, 12/1
8 TO 4 


We started the RE-FLEA to encourage the sale of Old, RE-purposed, Vintage, UP-Cycled, and Artisan Goods.  Making a venue available to Full or Part Time, Micro Business "RE-Merchants" involved in the process of Picking, RE-thinking,Promoting and Selling these goods provides an opportunity that did not exist before, and has been long overdue. This is the only professionally run flea market in Frederick MD area, a city known for its' quality antiques and pre-owned furniture, classic boutiques and restaurants. 

The RE-FLEA is also the place for the "RE-Public"  to be to sell  personal property such as personal collections,  estate clean outs, downsizing finds and more.

Selling at the RE-FLEA is done by Pre-REgistering on the RE-FLEA website. Details on the Markets and Payment for spaces is also made on line.GreatFrederickMDFlea.com

Having Merchants and the Public selling and buying from each other in one market venue creates community and keeps each event interesting with fresh finds coming in monthly!

Beginning in June  entertainment, music and food vendors will be included outdoors for the public to enjoy. Shop the flea in the morning and have your lunch there. ( In September the Great Frederick Fair takes over the fairgrounds.) 

Community based groups and non-profits are encouraged to get involved in the RE-FLEA, to hold yard sale style fund raisers and educate the public on specific topics. Rental discounts are provided to these groups. Contact us with your ideas and to ask about space availability.

Antiques, Collectibles, Shabby Chic, Vintage Clothing, Jewelry and Accessories, Signage, Gas and Oil, Ephemera, Militaria, Industrial, and anything OLD is welcome at the RE-Flea. We do not allow any new items including political, religious, wholesale, commercial or box store sale items. Call or email Laurie Zook with your questions and ideas. 301-332-5585. LIKE our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/GreatFrederickMDFleaMarket and sign up on the website for our monthly RE-FLEA updates on "The RE-FLEA RAG." 
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Name: laurie zook
Subject: this market is out of business
Hi. This market is no longer in business but American Fleas gives me no way to delete it from their listings.

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