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Yonkers Raceway Market Inc

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 Yonkers Raceway Market Inc
 Yonkers Avenue
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Posted Comments

Name: Tonia
Subject: Vendor information
Hello, What is the procedure to acquire vendor space? Thank you for any information you can provide. Sincerely, Tonia
Name: simon
Subject: Vendor information
what do you need to get a vendor space there. thank you for any information
Name: Violet
Subject: Vendor information / next flea market date
I would like to rent a space to have a "garage" sale. I have many new and used items that I would like to sell. How does it work, and when is the next one scheduled? Thank you
Name: Barbara
Subject: booth rental
Could someone tell me how to get a vendor space and what the price is. When are the flea markets held?
Name: Miriam Hernandez
Subject: Vendor info
Do you allow food vendors at your flea market? If so, what are the requirements?
Name: Hatice
Subject: Yonkers Flea Market
Please Update your listing...There is now a huge casino where the Flea Market used to be - in other words, It is GONE!
Name: lanny
Subject: become a vendor
how does one become a vendor, what is the price and whay is supplied?
Name: Ligny Valdes
Subject: Vendor space
How to get a vendor space? What are the requirements? Thank you for any information.
Name: Joe D.
Subject: Interested in becoming a vendor
Where are you located? And how do you become a vendor? when is next flea market?
Name: cc
Subject: flea market?
does this flea market still exist? and when? is it on the grounds of the casino?
Name: Francesca Civetta
Subject: flea market - vendor information
Just wondering if this flea market still exists at the Casino.
Name: Carol Pattison
Subject: vendor
How can I become a vendor at the market place. Please give me prices and procedure. Thanks, Carol

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