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Gallery 46 (Former Circuit City at Eastwood Mall)

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 Gallery 46 (Former Circuit City at Eastwood Mall)
 5100 Youngstown Warren Rd
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Every sat & sun starting dec. 3
Vendor space still open call asap
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This is a very hypercritical Place ,I will 'Not' Ever Step foot in there again , I triple checked the doors for any Visible signs for a no guns allowed sign , There were none posted , After being in there for 2 hrs a vendor was selling AK 47 Magazines ,9mm Magazines Bayonets, Knives ,& many other Gun & weaponry, I asked the guy If he had any 9mm magazines to fit my Gun he asked if I had it on me I said yes secured it showed him he looked & looked around & said No he did Not , about a Hour Latter I was approached,& asked If I was carrying a side arm to which I answered Yes ,I also said I tripled checked & there are no signs on the door upon entrance stating no guns allowed I do have a CCW he asked me to leave the store he thinks its great I support the 2nd amendment, but he has a few clients that were nervous when they seen my Gun and with him buying & selling Gold ,& he has a sign in the Door I said not a Problem I took Pictures Of the Doors No signs anywhere !! By the way he was carrying a Gun on his waist! My Attorney will be getting all the pictures of the Doors with no signs .
Name: RC
Moved to Pine St downtown Warren

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